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Quality Boats Holland Guide - Online version

Found the ideal boat in this guide?

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Then it’s time for a personal viewing! We strongly advise you to contact the companies in this guide by phone or e-mail before travelling to their offices or production facilities. It would be a shame if the shipyard management is not available on the day you arrive or – in case of a pre-owned yacht – the used yacht you wish to inspect is away on a trip or has its home port in another country. While preparing your visit, you may wish to make arrangements with other yachting experts in advance such as naval architects or surveyors. Consider also planning a tour of other yards and brokers to compare yachts and make the most of your trip.

Travelling to and within Holland

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is an international hub with frequent direct flights from around the world. Amsterdam itself is always worth a visit and is conveniently located in the heart of the country. From here, all the companies in the Quality Boats Holland Guide 2019 can be reached by rental car or taxi in less than a two-hour drive. There is also a comprehensive public transport network. Some useful facts before making travel arrangements:

1. Shipyards are open on weekdays, often starting early, and on demand in weekends. Many yacht brokers are open 7 days per week. Most but certainly not all offerings of a yacht broker are moored in a sales harbour near the office.
2. The local currency is the Euro.
3. Rental cars are left hand drive and you drive on the right hand side of the road.
4. The climate is mild, with day temperatures around 22° Celsius in summer and as low as -5° Celsius in winter. Although it rains frequently, snowfall in winter is limited to just a few centimetres. The Dutch waterways do occasionally freeze over in winter, bringing a halt to sea trials.
5. Yachts are often laid up under cover ashore during the winter, which may hinder your inspection. Please check with the seller first.