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ASA Boot Electro

ASA Boot Electro

A comprehensive solution for electricity management on yachts

ASA Boot Electro is a wholesaler of technical products, materials and systems for yacht builders, installers, service centres and watersport retailers. The company focuses on advice, sales and support for electrical and hydraulic systems onboard motor and sailing boats, superyachts and small commercial vessels. ASA Boot Electro supplies comprehensive solutions in the field of electricity for the yachtbuilding industry, based on products and complete systems by reputable manufacturers. The company also offers customised solutions, such as tailor-made control panels and system configurations.

Onboard power supplyP56

Onboard power has traditionally been the core competence of ASA Boot Electro. On yachts, the provision and generation of power while sailing, at anchor or in harbour is crucial for comfort and safety. This is why ASA Boot Electro has partnered with Victron Energy, the world’s leading supplier of nautical power solutions. In addition to standard solutions, customers can also opt for additional power sources, such as an extra alternator with intelligent charge controller, solar and wind power, or a diesel generator.


Side-Power AC thruster systems

AC thrusters are delivered complete with all the components needed to connect to the S-link control system. Each thruster has been confi gured according to the appropriate working conditions and specifi cations. No further setup of the VFD (variable frequency drive) is required.

The innovative S-link digital control system ensures fast and smooth installation, and incorporates monitoring of the system during operation. It also gives the unique option to combine hydraulic and AC thrusters in a thruster system, all with variable speed control. The standard range is designed for 230 V or 400 V systems. Models available from 240 KGF to 1400 KGF.



Stabilizers by Sleipner make sailing more comfortable at any speed, with up to 95 per cent reduction in unpleasant roll. Side-Power Stabilizer Systems use the latest technology to dramatically reduce uncomfortable motion at any speed – underway or at anchor.

Side-Power’s patented and DAME-award winning Vector FinTM stabiliser design directs force to improve roll reduction while minimising unwanted sway and yaw, all while drastically reducing drag. Vector FinTM technology improves performance underway by up to 55% and zero-speed performance by up to 45% compared to the same size of standard fin. The SP55 actuator has a slim line design that allows for easy installation for retrofit applications and efficient space utilisation on new builds. It is designed for commercial and recreational vessels from 50 to 150 feet.

• One-piece moulded fi n over high density foam core
• Curved fi n design to optimise force for stabilization and reduce slew effect
• 2:1 length to height ratio for improved zero-speed capabilities
• Shaft mounted as far forward as possible to optimise use at anchor
• Advanced hydrodynamic design to reduce drag
• Zero weight in water
• Added winglet to reduce tip flow and vortex


Automation and switchingEvo bm panel

In the fi eld of automation and switches, ASA Boot Electro offers an internationally renowned product range by Vimar. Vimar’s high-quality switchboxes and socket outlets are well known among connoisseurs and designers of superyachts. The By-Me home automation system can dim LED lights or control blinds and air conditioning, all using dedicated switches. In addition to this system, there is also the possibility to fit a comprehensive audio system with iPhone mounts, all combined within one high-tech bus system.


Lighting and LED fixtures

ASA has an extensive range of luxury luminaires from the Italian company BCM and Aqua Signal which are ideal for superyachts. This includes interior and exterior lighting in halogen and LED, underwater lighting, and powerful floodlights. These high-quality products can be adapted to the wishes of the customer. The current generation of LED products is sustainable and, thanks to modern technology, indistinguishable from halogen.

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