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NJI – Association for Dutch yachtbuilders (Nederlandse Jachtbouw Industrie)

NJI – Association for Dutch yachtbuilders (Nederlandse Jachtbouw Industrie)

Honest business and an eye for quality

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The NJI branch association represents companies in the Dutch yachtbuilding industry. It has over 200 member companies that are active in yacht design, hull construction, building/outfitting complete yachts, repair & refit and marine supplies. NJI membership offers yachtbuilders and watersport enthusiasts alike a guarantee of the crucial aspects of quality and craftsmanship. The NJI members’ products and services are presented on the website, ‘jachtbouw’ being the Dutch word for yacht building.

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If you are considering the purchase of a new or pre-owned yacht or are looking for a company to carry out maintenance on your yacht, companies associated with NJI are the place to go. An NJI member offers owners significant security with everything recorded in black-and-white. The NJI Delivery and Payment Conditions, for example, are in line with current laws and regulations and focus on your interests as a client. Make the most of the quality and craftsmanship that sets NJI companies apart and rest assured that you will enjoy your time on board.

Members of NJI apply the following:

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• NJI Delivery and Payment Conditions;
• NJI Yacht Chartering Conditions;
• NJI (Winter) Storage Conditions.

These conditions were established in close cooperation with insurance companies. Combined with NJI model agreements they form the foundation for honest and transparent business, including trade-ins and mediation. NJI stays fully up-to-date with the latest (international) developments relevant to the Dutch yachtbuilding industry.

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Its work related to the EU Directive for Pleasure Craft is a good example of a tool that ensures quality and consumer safety. NJI members can rely on the assiciations helpdesk for the latest regulations on standardization and EU conformity issues. In addition, by taking part in NJI technology and innovation projects together with leading knowledge institutes, members are familiar with the latest materials and techniques. This will enable them to continue to provide the same level of craftsmanship in the future, to the benefit of all clients of NJI members. One of NJI’s main topics is sustainability.

The members use the latest  developments and insights on sustainability in their products and trades. NJI-website shares information about all the fields of expertise. NJI members jointly advertise their new and used yachts as well as their professional services including refits, boat maintenance, moorings and alike.



Nederlandse Jachtbouw Industrie (NJI)
P.O. Box 2600
NL-3430 GA Nieuwegein
T: +31 30 6053344

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