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Breehorns are timeless beauties; yachts that are created for action and long seasons. Typical features include their hull shape, spacious working deck and sheltered cockpit. They are elegant, yet sturdy, built for and by sailyacht enthusiasts. Breehorn builds every yacht in close collaboration with the client and in accordance with their wishes. The yard constructs virtually the entire yacht in-house to ensure an optimal process and material quality.

Breehorns were designed and built to sail in all conditions and you will never have to worry about the strength and seaworthiness of your craft in open waters. The short superstructure means the deck is open and spacious, ensuring the crew plenty of room to manoeuvre. By leaving the halyards at the mast the yard has chosen for simplicity to guarantee reliability and a safe performance.

Stylish, comfortable and safe

The Breehorns’ high average speed allows you to increase your sailing range; from a long day of sailing to a multi-day trip, even with a minimal crew. The interior of the yachts is also built with experienced sailors in mind, with handholds wherever you may need them and plenty of places to brace yourself comfortably and safely, even at the chart table or in the U-shaped galley. The proven design is the result of many nautical miles sailed by the designers and builders, along with rigorous feedback from owners.

Why does a strongly built yacht often out-sail so many of its lightweight competitors? The yard uses a balanced hull shape, which does not need re-trimming when at an angle, allowing you to helm your boat with little effort. As the wetted surface is relatively small, you still achieve good speeds even with little wind.




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