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Coers Yacht Surveyors

Coers Yacht Surveyors

Getting to know the yacht before you buy

A professional yacht expert sees details that are not immediately spotted by skippers or buyers. Accompanying a surveyor during an inspection can be a true eye-opener.

Coers Yacht Surveyors prefer to have potential buyers present, when inspecting a yacht. This allows clients to see when unexpected features or possible problems are found during the inspection. “It is an interesting educational experience for potential buyers to see how we look at a yacht and the type of issues we discover that are hidden at first glance,” explains surveyor Koen Coers.

After studying to be a maritime officer and a period of working in professional shipping, Koen trained with various companies in the watersports industry in preparation for his career as a yacht expert. He worked for several years with his father Frits, the founder of Coers Yacht Surveyors, before taking over the business.

Coers Yacht Surveyors has inspected some 250 pleasure yachts per year since 1986. The company is often asked for a purchase inspection at home in the Netherlands or abroad. Sometimes the inspections involve appraisals or expert surveys to determine the nature and cause of specific shortcomings. The expertise provided is entirely independent and the firm has all the required diplomas and certifications.

For purchase inspections, the quality of the construction of the hull, decks and superstructure will be inspected, along with the technical installations, navigation equipment and propulsion installation. An extensive written and digital report in the client’s preferred language is provided within ten days.

Coers Yacht Surveyors is certified by the EMCI and HISWA and associated with the VRT and NVEP.

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Coers Yacht Surveyors
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