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De Boarnstream International Motoryachts

De Boarnstream International Motoryachts

Craftsmanship in service

Since its inception in 1964, the family-owned company De Boarnstream in the Frisian village of Jirnsum has grown to become one of the largest Dutch watersport companies. Its exceptional attention to quality and beauty has earned it a variety of awards and a loyal international clientele. De Boarnstream takes great pleasure in being of service every day and understands the added value of a yacht like few others. This is reflected in its propensity to plan ahead and help owners make the right decisions.

Boarncruiser Elegance: yachts for every purpose

Modern and timeless. A feeling of spaciousness inside, all at lounge level, was the main condition for the design of this range, together with
impressive styling and attractive lines. Moreover, given its sensational performance, this represents an enormous leap forward in the steel yacht industry. A Mediterranean beauty with a refined mix of colours and materials combined with the functional, down-to-earth character of the North European, the Boarncruiser Elegance emanates strength and beauty.

Boarncruiser Elegance: Winner European Powerboat of the Year 2016

The criteria for the nomination include the fact that the Elegance is a completely new experience on the water for steel yachts. “The layout, the subtle lines and the level of attention to detail is of exceptional quality, and is a giant leap forward in the world of steel yacht construction”, the judges state, “everything is just right”. Phrases from the press so far include “innovative over 50-er”, “bulls-eye”, “also excellent as “Express Edition” (up to 22 knots).

De Boarnstream
Industriewei 2
NL-9011 WH Jirnsum
T: +31 566 600828

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