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Deep Water Yachts

Deep Water Yachts

Strength – Performance – Range

The Korvet range of Aluminium motor yachts provides the ultimate platform for engaging the sea and elements in complete safety and comfort. Willem Nieland – renown designer of prize winning yachts – combined his distinct style and innovative ideas to achieve a longer range at a higher speed than the traditional displacement trawler and cutter designs are capable of. With Aluminium as the building material of choice, the Korvets are strong, durable and maintenance friendly.

Efficient and dependable

Strength, performance and range typify the qualities of the Korvet range of Aluminium motor yachts. Built under the demanding CE-A category, these Dutch Design yachts are fast, rugged, and seaworthy, capable of long-range cruising under almost all conditions. At the same time they provide the shallow draught needed for exploring inland waterways, tidal inlets or even dry out on a mudflat. Redundancy in all systems ensures propulsion, communication and navigation at all times underway.

Dutch Design at its Best

The design of the Korvet range of yachts combines classic maritime lines and an industrial robustness into a timeless concept. The interior presents an abundance of space, light and comfort. The hull and construction require no paint system making the upkeep and maintenance a breeze.

Our range of ocean going yachts

  • Korvet 14 Compact long Range
  • Korvet 16 Compact Long Range
  • Korvet 18 Long Range
  • Korvet 18 LowRider

The Korvets are the platform of choice for serious offshore yachting and passage making. Discover the full range on the website.

Deep Water Yachts
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