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Two hulls for double enjoyment

The DutchCat is a prime example of the Dutch yachting industry’s enduring ability to surprise. This innovative motoryacht with a double hull is spacious and extremely stable, impressively energy efficient and easy to operate. The global launch of the first DutchCat took place at the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show 2016 in Amsterdam.

All-Dutch network

The DutchCat is a stable, comfortable catamaran that features the renowned craftsmanship of a large network of leading Dutch manufacturers. Vripack Naval Architects translated the ideas of initiator Jan van Eck into a contemporary, functional design, while specialised suppliers provided the most suitable parts.

First model: DutchCatTwelve

The first model is the DutchCatTwelve, which offers impressive 360-degree views. Among its unique features is a length/beam ratio of 12.55 metres by 4.90 metres, as well as headroom of at least 2.10 metres below deck ranging to up to 2.40 metres above deck. The interior is fully bespoke with the option of one to three cabins and up to two bathrooms, making the yacht ideal as a home away from home. Moreover, owners can choose between diesel, hybrid or even 100% electrical propulsion.

Two versions

The DutchCat is available in comfort and sports versions, with the difference being the underwater segment. The comfort version has a hull speed of 11 knots (20 km/h), while the sports version is faster with a hull speed of 22 knots (40 km/h).

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