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Elburg Yachting

Elburg Yachting

Full service sales and marketing

79_1Elburg Yachting specialises in selling motoryachts between 10 and 50 metres. The best possible acquisition and sales results are achieved thanks to a clear and active full-service strategy. In consultation with the client, a customised approach is another key to success. Elburg Yachting’s method is a proven mix of online marketing and a carefully constructed network of loyal partners, who have seen their confidence in Elburg Yachting rewarded time and again.


Thanks to the company’s in-depth knowledge of both North and South European markets, Elburg Yachting is an ideal partner for a market valuation – the foundation of any successful sale. While the approach is internationally oriented, Elburg Yachting never loses sight of its roots in the Netherlands. In addition to Dutch, the company’s brokers speak English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. To ensure potential buyers the best service, the sales office is open seven days a week.

Total Ship Management

Under the heading Total Ship Management, Elburg Yachting provides a comprehensive service package to motorboat owners at its location in Elburg. The site has just the right infrastructure for its customers: berths on the water, out on the dock or in a closed sales hall, and two cranes with a capacity of up to 100 tonnes. All operations can be managed and carried out in the facilities: winter storage, crane facilities and professionals for every conceivable repair and refit activity make Elburg Yachting a true one-stop shop.

Company and location

The sales office of Elburg Yachting, with salesrooms and a sales marina, is located in the picturesque town of Elburg on the main sailing lanes of the lakes bordering the Flevopolder. An enthusiastic team of twelve sailors, including five full-time yacht brokers, ensures comprehensive service. The bulk of the boats for sale are moored in Elburg, with some 150 quality motoryachts on permanent display. Yachts sold from private berths can be visited by appointment.79_2

From own berths

In addition to the Elburg site, yachts can also be sold from their owners’ own berths. Viewings then take place by appointment, with a broker guiding the potential buyer.


Trading of motor and sailboats is a possibility for all the yachts on offer. Feel free to discuss the options with one of our brokers.

Guidance of the sales process

Elburg Yachting guides sellers through the entire sales process and carries out the related activities directly: from pricing to transportation, VAT matters and registrations, and ultimately delivery and payment through the company’s partner ‘Stichting Beheer Derdengelden’.

There is also a full range of services available for buyers: in addition to choosing suitable models and the search process itself, the Elburg Yachting team guide buyers during the transaction in the negotiations, the sailing trials and/or certification, the settlement of the purchase, and winter storage and guidance for renovations.

Elburg Yachting has brokers certified by EMCI (European Maritime Certification Institute) as well as certified marine experts who are members of the NBMS (Dutch Association of Ship Brokers).

Elburg Yachting
JP Broekhovenstraat 37
NL-8081 HB Elburg
T: +31 525 686868

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