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Gebo Marine Glazing

Gebo Marine Glazing

Innovative and up to date

Gebo Marine Glazing has a clear goal: to supply shipyards and distributors with high-quality windows, hatches, portholes and doors, which meet the specific wishes and requirements of their clients. In short: an overall concept for maritime glazing, delivered in accordance with the right terms & conditions and in the agreed time.

As Gebo has everything it needs in-house it is in a better position than most to work closely and flexibly with its clients. This applies to ‘standard’ products, such as hatches and portholes, as well as the carefully considered design and production of customised ships’ glazing or door concepts for specific clients. This vision and approach fits in perfectly with the demands and working methods of yacht architects and yachtbuilders. A testament to this is the number of leading yards around the world which have chosen to install marine glazing from Gebo.

Ten plus points

Gebo offers its clients ten distinct benefits:foto redactioneel artikel Gebo

• A comprehensive delivery programme
• Up to date and innovative products
• Traditional Dutch quality from our in-house production facilities in Almere
• Consistency in style, colour and finish
• With one eye on sustainability, designed and produced using Gebo’s unique hard-soldering process
• Flexibility with regards to implementation and styling
• Short installation times thanks to intelligent and consistent working methods
• Marketing benefits for yachtbuilders that partner with Gebo
• Long-term availability of spare parts
• Experienced installation team, which remains on stand-by after delivery

The possibilities are endless

As a glazing specialist, Gebo offers its clients unique possibilities and is in a position to provide tailor-made solutions. If your design concept calls for non-standard shapes, sizes, colours or finishes, Gebo can supply them made-to-measure.

Gebo Marine Glazing
Versterkerstraat 1
NL-1322 AN Almere
T: +31 36 5211212

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