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Sailing Europe by a modern classic yacht

Jachtwerf Grouwstervlet, from the Frisian town Grou, has been designing and building elegant yet robust round hull bilge boats (vlets in Dutch) for over 35 years. The first launch took place in 1978, and the yard has been delivering quality boats ever since. As every vessel is custommade, the yard offers every owner a truly one-of-a-kind product.

watervlek 095In addition to the yachtbuilders’ passion, an interesting feature of the Grouwstervlet is the shared enthusiasm among owners. Established by and on behalf of these owners, the brand even has its own Grouwstervlet owners club ( in the Netherlands. So what makes these boats so special?

Modern classics without concessions

The Grouwstervlet models range in length from 12 to 14.50 metres and are built using the finest materials available. The most advanced technologies are combined with classic elements that give the boats their sense of style and class. For example, they come as standard with super-quiet engines, modern insulation materials, maintenance-free batteries and a waterproof sliding hatch.

Solid & complete equipmentwatervlek 098

Every Grouwstervlet features solid technical equipment. Originally, this type of vessel was used for rescue operations at sea, and the reliability this required is still present in the boats today. They
perform well in rough waters and are perfectly suitable for drying-out and shallow areas.
While the latest models, the Grouwstervlet 14.50 AK/BB and Grouwstervlet 14.50 AK/OK are particularly well-suited for longer stays onboard, the Grouwstervlet 13.50 AK also ensures wonderful journeys over the Dutch and European waterways.

Jachtwerf Grouwstervlet
Oedsmawei 4
NL-9001 ZJ Grou
T: +31 566 622410

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