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Holland Marine Parts

Holland Marine Parts

Manufacturer of Jet Thruster docking systems

Anyone who has ever experienced a line get stuck in their propeller thruster or had to replace a damaged propeller knows what a hassle this can be. The money saving Jet Thruster systems offer a unique technical response, and has major advantages compared to more vulnerable retractable and tunnel thrusters.


The advantages of the Jet Thrustera

The foremost advantage of the Jet Thruster is simple: it has no moving parts. This means that it cannot be damaged by mooring lines and is much more reliable than comparable propeller-driven systems. Owners of a Jet Thruster also benefit from low-noise operation and a flexible installation. It’s no coincidence that chartering companies in particular are so happy with this unique system.

The Jet Thruster system is also very flexible and appreciated as such by boat builders and naval architects. Thanks to the very small outlet nozzles and absence of tunnel, the water tank can be installed easily with no changes required to the interior, and the pump can be placed anywhere in the boat under the waterline.

Sold worldwide since its introduction in 2010, the Jet Thruster is truly the most versatile and flexible system for modern boat building available on the market today.


Holland Marine Parts
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