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Hollandia spud poles

Hollandia spud poles

Easy docking without a shipmate

Maritime innovations help make sailing easier, and the Hollandia telescopic spud pole system is a fine example, proving that mooring a boat need not be difficult even in trying conditions. The docking system allows sailors to moor their vessel wherever and whenever they choose with just a single push of a button. This fully automatic mooring system from Leeuwestein Scheepsinstallaties has already proven its mettle in commercial shipping and is now also available for yachts.

Mooring from the wheelhouse

Fiddling around with lines, mooring ropes and anchor chains becomes a thing of the past with the Hollandia spud poles. They are exceptionally easy to operate from the helm without any assistance from other people. Once the system is activated the vertically extendable poles lower and pin the yacht into a stable and safe position within seconds. The entire system can be controlled and overseen visually from the wheelhouse. Once raised again the poles are invisible from the outside and have no influence on the sailing performance.

Automatic adjustment to the water level

A special feature of the poles is the way their length automatically adjusts to tidal changes and waves, meaning the ebb and flow of the tides no longer has an impact on your yacht. As well as being a great solution for mooring the spud poles are also ideal when waiting for a lock or bridge to open or for anchoring up.

Suits all types of yacht

The telescopic spud poles are a premium Dutch quality product that can be installed on virtually all yachts between 10 and 50 metres in length, both new builds and as part of a refit. In addition to manufacturing the bespoke systems, Leeuwestein Scheepsinstallaties can also take care of the required installation activities.


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