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Smart technology for maximum sailing comfort

Hydronautica focuses on the electronic control of propulsion systems for professional and leisure vessels. The company has developed various systems in-house which make life on board much easier.

Electronic Motor Control – at your fingertips

Electronic Motor Control (EMC) is an advanced engine control system that offers an unparalleled quality, appearance and ease of use. EMC offers captains fingertip control of their propulsion while irritating noise and the breaking of traditional ‘pull-push cables’ becomes a thing of the past. A unique feature of this product is that it dispenses with potentiometers, which are often sensitive to moisture and wear. In their place Hydronautica has developed solid state sextant switches which do not wear and are fully waterproof. EMC can be installed independently and applied to nearly all types of marine engines.

Remote Motor Control (RMC) – wireless mooring

Remote Motor Control (RMC) gives captains full control of their vessel without them having to be at the helm. It enables safe and accurate manoeuvring from anywhere on board via a wireless remote control. The system is easily installed and can even be applied on the most common electronic engine controls. The handheld is water-proof (IP67), and can be charged in its own charging station by means of induction.

Joystick control (EZY Dock) – for easy manoeuvring

Mooring with a joystick offers a practical expansion of the RMC. The EZY Dock enables anyone to control a yacht by pointing the joystick in the right direction or rotating it to turn on the spot.

All Hydronautica systems are developed and built in house.




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