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Kuiper Yacht Insurances

Kuiper Yacht Insurances

Specialists in yacht insurance

Founded in 1946, Kuiper Yacht Insurances is an all-round insurance office at home in all markets, while also specialising in several specific fields. More than sixty employees represent the interests of a large number of private and corporate customers. The firm is based in the beautiful, historic Tuymelaarshuis (built in 1750) in Heerenveen. Today, Kuiper is the largest agent for yacht insurance in the Netherlands, covering not only boats but also yards and related companies – the company’s portfolio includes several Dutch yachtbuilders, for instance. Kuiper Yacht Insurances is a fully autonomous and independent insurance agent.


A wide range

It’s not just Dutch boaters who use the services of Kuiper Yacht Insurances – the company also has many German, Belgian and Scandinavian customers. Kuiper provides customised policies built from different elements rather than standard insurance. A variety of options allows the ideal policy to be formulated for each specific case. In addition to ‘ordinary’ policies, there are, for example, special versions for tenders and launches, classic boats, and yachts under construction.

Customer focused

It’s easy to understand why Kuiper Yacht Insurances is so successful in the boating world: the company focuses on the needs of its customers and has the knowledge and experience required to implement this in practice. Kuiper’s advisors are central to the 92_2process: they gather insights into the issues customers face and look for the ideal solution based upon these. Sometimes this entails stepping off the beaten path. Rather than following a set of rigid rules, the company bases its advice on the realities on the ground – which can, of course, be tricky. This love for the trade and a sense for the value of customers is the key to Kuiper’s success.

Reliable, transparent and competent92_4

Kuiper Yacht Insurances is registered with Adfiz, the trade association of consultants in financial security. This organisation sets very strict requirements for its members in the fields of professionalism, competence, integrity and independence. Kuiper’s competence is also apparent from its RMiA (‘Registermakelaar in Assurantiën’, Registered Insurance Broker) certification. Customers want transparent products, clear communication and personalised service. At Kuiper Yacht Insurances, this has long been
established as everyday practice.92_5

Kuiper Yacht Insurances
P.O. Box 116
NL-8440 AC Heerenveen
T: +31 513 614444

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