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Menken Maritiem

Menken Maritiem

Yachts with character

Menken Maritiem often hears from their customers that their boats are on the receiving end of compliments as they pass by. The boats have that “thumbs-up” effect because Menken has a slightly different view on boatbuilding. With them naval architect Martin de Jager is leading in design, construction and ergonomics. Builder Neil Fernando & Co. doesn’t cut corners in the building process. The results of this fine balancing act are boats that stands out. Every day they prove any other choice would have been second best.


When customers are asked what made them decide to choose for one of the boats from Menken Maritiem, the typical answer contains the words “stylish, robust, distinctive and service.” This captures the essence of the key qualities that have given Menken Maritiem such a good reputation since its foundation in 1996. Menken Maritiem is the only company in the segment with Lloyds approvals for hull and construction, and one of the few with ISO-2001 certification. Its international service network consists of reputable companies that go further than ordinary maintenance. Year after year, Menken Maritiem guarantees owners a hassle-free yachting experience.



Twenty years ago Bernard Menken concluded that labour-intensive work in western European countries would eventually become unfeasible, with major implications for the yachtbuilding industry in the Netherlands. His Sri Lankan business partner Neil Fernando, who has a respected track record from building Fisher motorsailers that dates back to the 1970s, was more than ready to pick up the gauntlet. Martin de Jager completed the troika and Menken Maritiem’s business plan practically wrote itself: add value by embracing traditional labour-intensive methods in order to construct better and richer boats, rather than cutting corners.


Technical knowledge and experience

With over 40,000 boat deliveries since 1968, Neil Fernando’s yard is the undisputed market leader in South Asia. Besides the yachts built for Menken Maritiem, Neil Fernando & Co. also makes advanced lifeboats for the oil industry, yachts for the UK market and local fishing boats. The shipyard has been ISO-9001 certified since 2006.

Naval architect Martin de Jager has designed every Menken Maritiem boat so far. He also calculates the laminate construction, ensures soundness from an engineering point of view, incorporates ergonomic thinking, selects components and works out all the fine details. His technical knowledge and experience are imperative for the structural quality of the boats. Stylistically, each model incorporates the historical look & feel of ships into comfortable, attractive and distinctive boats.


All over the world

Over the past two decades, Menken Maritiem has delivered more than 800 yachts. The Netherlands has been the main market, with boats also being delivered to Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and the Maldives. Menken Maritiem has or sources reliable local service partners in every country in the world.


The proof of the pudding…

…is in the eating. Interested parties are more than welcome to visit the showroom in Ter Aar, just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There clients will find out for themselves how yachts with character can change their live for the better.
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Menken Maritiem
Hoekse Aarkade 2
NL-2461 ET Ter Aar
T: +31 172 604742

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