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Neosil – Dutch Durable Coatings

Neosil – Dutch Durable Coatings

The environmentally friendly alternative to antifouling

Neosil is an environmentally friendly, high-quality, durable and easy-to-apply product developed and manufactured entirely in the Netherlands. A single layer of Neosil protects a hull against fouling for more than seven years.

Minimal fouling

Neosil is a very hard fouling release coating which does not dissolve and can be applied to most surfaces, including polyester, steel, aluminium and wood. The product is available in a variety of basic colours, and in all RAL numbers. The exceptionally slick and vapour-proof surface prevents water organisms from gaining a footing on the hull. Any fouling is minimal and superficial, and easy to remove with a soft brush or sponge. What’s more, the fouling is released of its own accord at speeds above eight knots.

Scratch resistant

Ordinary silicone-based coatings are soft and therefore prone to damage. Neosil, on the other hand, is very hard, scratch-resistant and far longer-lasting than other silicone-based products.

Environmentally friendly

Traditionally, the market has been dominated by coatings to which toxic components such as copper or tin dioxide were added. These products had to be reapplied every year. Neosil, however, contains no environmentally noxious substances, heavy metals or biocides and needs only be replaced after seven years. Thanks to its long-lasting action, it reduces the resistance experienced by boats due to fouling, which in turn results in a significantly reduction in fuel consumption and related costs.

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