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Neptune Custom sleeping Comfort

Neptune Custom sleeping Comfort

Sleep even better than at home!

Sitting and sleeping comfort is often one of the final considerations when creating a yacht. And that’s a shame as these aspects play a crucial role in determining the levels of on board comfort. As owners and their guests spend around 75 percent of their time on board either sitting or asleep, it’s time to shift your focus.

Slat-systems, mattresses and complete yacht furnishings: Neptune custom manufactures all this and more in its dedicated workshops. Clients are even invited to take a complete tour of the premises to see all the possibilities for themselves and choose the desired materials for their cushions and mattresses with professional guidance.

Neptune has over sixty top quality comfort foams, pocket spring mattresses and related products in stock to ensure sailors enjoy maximum comfort.


Neptune has developed a special slat-system that can be opened anywhere below the mattress using a smart click system, providing constant access to the hatches underneath. The Neptune slats ensure that there is a proper airflow under the mattress to keep it dry and enhance sleeping comfort. By preventing mildew or bacteria the mattress stays fabulously fresh and has a much longer lifespan.

Mattresses are a key factor in how well people sleep. Their quality and thickness should meet the specific comfort demands of the client as well as the conditions on board. Neptune provides top-quality mattresses in every price category.


Neptune often uses the superior VITA TALALAY latex in it’s mattresses, a product that offers supreme comfort, a long lifespan and exceptional breathing capacities. The mattresses can be finished with different types of mattress cover, all of which are fire-retardant and IMO wheelmark certified.

Neptune also has a IMO/MED-certified mattress range, which means that it meets the strictest requirements with regard to fire safety. This certification is required for insurance purposes with yachts certified under MCA or IMO/MED, but even for other yachts it is good to know that the mattresses are as safe as they are comfortable.

Bespoke bed linens

Neptune also produces custom bed linens, flannel covers, fitted sheets, duvets and duvet covers. The washing labels clearly state which bed linens go with which mattress.

Electrically adjustable sleeping systems

To enhance your stay on board even further, Neptune has designed two electrical sleeping systems. The ‘Full Motion’ and ‘Flex Drive’ adjustable systems are simply placed on the base of the berth – there are no requirements with regard to build-in space – and allow the bed to be adjusted with an easy press of the button. These are a must-have on every superyacht.

If you recognise the value of waking up well-rested and fit, and like to have the most luxurious furnishings on board your yacht, contact Neptune for an appointment or more information.





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