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Olivier van Meer

Olivier van Meer

Elegant yachts by passionate sailors

104_3Passion for sailing is central to the designs of Olivier van Meer Design (OVM). The yachts created on the boards of this office are characterised by classic and elegant lines. Practical in use and built for people who enjoy long passages at sea, OVM’s clients are true bluewater sailors.


“Many of our customers wish to stay on their yacht for months at a time,” Van Meer underlines. “Sometimes they even live onboard permanently while exploring the world’s oceans.” The distinguishing aspect of the office is its focus on equipment that is useful and simple to use. Onboard safety, convenience and comfort are assured through a performance-centric approach which does not obsess about trendy gadgets.

In addition, the designers have a love for classic lines: OVM’s yachts are elegant apparitions and the clippers, schooners and pilot cutters are graceful by definition. Yachts from 27 feet (just over eight metres), impressive four-mast clipper ships, yachts that explore the polar seas, and luxury superyachts are all part of the OVM portfolio.

104_2Classical shapes are built using advanced knowledge of building materials and construction, then equipped with modern, robust and accessible technology. “Our personal interest in timelessly beautiful boats, which is reflected throughout our work, also attracts the kind of owners that share this passion,” Van Meer explains. “Despite our specialisation in sailing, we also have customers who ask us to design a motoryacht, which we do with great pleasure. Those designs express our love for the timeless classic aesthetic equally well.”

104_4As well as designing new yachts, OVM also takes care of restorations, refits and alterations to existing ships. Its contribution is not confined to drawing: the designers are closely involved in the selection of materials, regularly visit the yard and follow the construction or refit process with care.

Almost every project starts with a visit to the customers. If they are individuals, Van Meer goes to their home. “This lets me see how they decorate their living environment, which is of great interest. The picture of what a customer wants usually becomes clear in the first interview.” Based on his own background as a sailor and as someone who has lived aboard a boat, Van Meer instinctively understands client needs and how they can best be realised on a yacht. He expects no less from OVM’s employees, who are all themselves highly experienced sailors. Van Meer feels that this is the only way to understand how the desires of an owner can be translated into a practical design.

104_5OVM designs are also renowned for their seaworthiness. Smart deck organisation, interior layout and equipment placement guarantee pleasant sailing, convenience, ease of maintenance and durability. Careful listening to the requirements and experiences of customers ensures that they have access to the very latest onboard options. This continuous learning process stems from the passion of the designers and ensures that every yacht is better than the last.

With various brands such as Puffin® and Zaca®, OVM also provides series of pre-designed yachts which can be adapted to individual requirements upon request. In addition, OVM designs custom yachts if required and helps manage the creation of a genuinely unique yacht.



Olivier van Meer Design
Zuideruitweg 66
NL-1608 EX Wijdenes
T: +31 6 53311089

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