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Shipcenter Modus Marine

Shipcenter Modus Marine

Full service for every yacht

110_4Shipcenter Modus Marine Lelystad is a full-service yard that meets all nautical needs, ranging from simple engine maintenance to complete refits. Damage, regardless of extent, is expertly repaired. The yard made a name for itself in the Netherlands and abroad with a sophisticated programme which improves the steering of sailing yachts. The company is a market leader in the field of repair and optimisation of rudders and steering systems. A rudder optimised to customer requirements can be delivered in a relatively short time for any type of yacht.

Refit and maintenance

The passage of time leaves its mark, and it is often a good idea to consider a complete refit. This has the additional benefit that the desired improvements are based on the experiences of the yacht’s skipper and crew. A refit allows specific aspects to be improved and the good elements to be retained, all while taking into account budgetary limitations. It is not only the hull and interior which are eligible for a comprehensive approach. Running 110_2and standing rigging are also subject to wear and aging. Whether it’s a single halyard that needs replacing or the complete running and standing rigging, new sails become one less thing to worry about. A well-trimmed boat is not only faster, it is also safer.

The engine, too, can be due for a replacement. This is an option if repairing the current engine costs more than purchasing and installing a new one. The lifespan of a yacht often surpasses that of the engine, causing many a owner to face this choice sooner or later. But fuel consumption, noise levels, maintenance needs and environmental requirements, as well as the desire for greater efficiency and power, can also play a role. The usability and reliability of modern engines far exceed those of many older models.

Three times the sailing pleasure – yachts which distinguish themselves by their emphasis on sailing characteristics.

VQ32: Shorthanded bluewater sailing

110_5Shipcenter builds the VQ32 based on drawings by Dick Koopmans. The yacht is easily manageable for a small crew and its exceptional stability ensures complete reliability. The VQ32 has a strong and lightweight construction in fibreglass reinforced vinylester with a PVC foam core. The slender line plan results in all-round responsiveness and ease of sailing, with the lead bulb keel optimising stability. This combination makes the VQ32 suitable to race across seas and oceans. In fact, Richard Lett recently won the Gipsy Moth Class in the 2013 OSTAR with his VQ32 Pathway to Children. And yet the VQ32 remains mobile enough to race around the buoys as well as take you on a comfortable and safe cruise.

FF: Super fast and easy to sail

Jacques de Ridder created the design for the FF915, a modern, lightweight, spacious thirtyfooter, which combines an excellent sailing performance with comfort in port. Good waterline length and low weight allow for high speeds. The low centre of gravity, together with the hull shape and the generous sail area, ensures an aboveaverage sailing performance and cruising comfort. No compromises are made in terms of 110_3quality in any of the components, while ‘non-functional luxuries’ – elements that only make the boat heavier and more expensive – are absent on this model. The furnishing and equipment of each FF are tailored to the requirements of experienced sailors. The FF is available in different sizes.

Svalbard: Comfortable and habitable

The Svalbard is a recent development, a 41-footer by Bosgraaf Yacht Design which combines a modern hull and sail plan with a traditional deck line. The foundations for the design are an optimal sailing performance and handling as well as comfort under sail and in port. A lift keel version is under construction, and plans for a fixed keel version are currently in development. This concept can easily be adapted to your needs and budget.

Shipcenter Modus Marine: the yard with many possibilities.


Shipcenter Modus Marine
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