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Smits Jachtmakelaardij – QBHG 2018

Smits Jachtmakelaardij – QBHG 2018

The proactive yacht broker with a creative spirit

Yacht buyers and sellers alike find it difficult to know when is the best time to buy or sell. Ship broker René Smits of Smits Jachtmakelaardij has some clear advice: “Don’t delay your decision to buy or sell. For sellers the current prices are stable, and there are plenty of good opportunities for buyers in the Netherlands.”

As a yacht brokerage specialised in luxury motoryachts and launches, Smits Jachtmakelaardij makes wishes come true on a daily basis. Taking a personal, contemporary and proactive approach, the company is also active on an international scale. “Our network in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia continues to expand,” says René.

Buying and selling

Smits Jachtmakelaardij offers a helping hand in buying as well as selling yachts. This combination offers a range of benefits for the clients; for instance, if they’re looking to sell their current yacht and would also like to purchase a new one. René Smits is at home in both fields, and takes care of the entire buying or selling trajectory himself. This dual role ensures that René is fully aware of all the ins and outs of the 125 motoryachts the brokerage has on offer at any time. Moreover, the service provided by Smits Jachtmakelaardij extends beyond buying and selling. The company also supports its clients with insurance and finance, evaluations, registration, yacht transport and other areas of expertise.

Comprehensive service at low fees

The combination of low fees and a comprehensive service makes Smits Jachtmakelaardij an interesting player in the market. “I provide honest information about the yachts in my portfolio,” adds René. “I offer sellers maintenance service, sales styling and extensive promotion of the yacht, while buyers will be informed in detail about the pros and cons of each yacht.” And René offers these services at attractive fees, which he often recovers for the client later; either by getting a better price through negotiations for selling clients, or by discovering hidden problems resulting in a lower price for buying clients.


Time to enjoy

As an EMCI Registered Associate International Yacht Broker, René has a professional perspective on watersport, which he combines with his passion in the field. Since he was a child, René has often enjoyed sailing both on his own yacht and others, thoroughly enjoying the freedom which the water offers. Taking a ‘now or never’ approach, René headed into a new direction five years ago when he switched from a successful career as a financial advisor to yacht brokerage. The move was fully in line with the most important advice René has for his clients: don’t delay with following your dreams. “You can keep postponing the purchase of your dream yacht, but that means you also have to wait to enjoy it!”





Smits Jachtmakelaaridij
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NL-3461 GP Linschoten
T: +31 1- 5118000

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