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Starclass Yacht Transport

Starclass Yacht Transport

For all your yacht transport requirements

Most shipping companies that transport yachts only carry them as secondary cargo. The main cargo – which could be something as basic as potatoes – is then placed in the hold while the yachts are loaded on deck as an extra. This policy often leads to delays, and loading/offloading can take place in dirty industrial harbours such as Southampton or Genoa. Starclass Yacht Transport is one of very few European companies to move yachts as its main cargo.

Starclass Yacht Transport uses the whole vessel to move yachts – the deck as well as the hold. This does not mean that other cargo does not sometimes fill up empty space, but the yachts always have priority over any other booked cargo.

The result is a punctual service to clean ports in your preferred sailing area. Examples include tourist destinations such as Poole (the south coast of England), Alcudia (Mallorca), Nice (the Côte d’Azur), Valletta (Malta), Fethiye (southwestern Turkey), Corfu (Greece), Split & Pula (Croatia). Your holiday can already start in the offloading port, all of which are very easy to reach by air and road. Outside of Europe, Starclass maintains services to the Seychelles, the Maldives, Singapore and the northeast coast of the United States.

Specialist in Boat Show Transport

When Starclass Yacht Transport started moving yachts in 1987, yards quickly became interested in its services. They were used not only for delivering newly built yachts to owners, but also to attend boat shows abroad. The logistic solutions supplied by Starclass thereby contributed to making yacht shows truly international. Today, Starclass remains the preferred yacht show carrier for many yards.

Starclass Yacht Transport
33 Rue Portier
MC-98000 Monaco
T: +377 9777 0375

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