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Steeler Yachts

Steeler Yachts

Brand-new S-line series builds on seven rich years of experience

Steeler Yachts’ S-line series epitomises all the award-winning expertise the yard has acquired over the past seven years. It is the carefully calibrated result of a tireless search for the ultimate boating experience. The key words at Steeler are spaciousness, fuel efficiency, seaworthiness and comfort, and the S-line fully incorporates the innovative solutions that clients have come to expect from the yard.  

A cruising formula

Steeler’s motoryachts are characterised by an exceptionally high level of quality. The benchmark is clearly described in the yard’s ambitious Quality Challenge, which means there are no surprises for clients. The motoryachts are custom built according to the unique Steeler building process, whichinvolves clients in a transparent manner from the get-go and ensures they are part of the team throughout the project. There are many great reasons to come to Steeler Yachts. “We aim to constantly bring something new to the boating world,” director Hans Webbink explains. “Our passion is to keep bringing the unlikely to life and replacing the status quo with a fresh eye and a dynamic approach.”

A brief overview 2015: Space and comfort

In 2012, Steeler Yachts started the development of a single-level living motoryacht with broad panoramic views all around. The idea had humble beginnings, being initially born on a napkin in a London restaurant. However, shortly after it was introduced in 2014, the Panorama FlatFloor was selected winner of the European Powerboat of the Year Award. Steeler Yachts applied a pioneering new visi­­­on on space and comfort, and this model had an undeniable influence on the subsequent development of new motoryachts across Europe. The yard was proud of this achievement, but had no intention of resting on its laurels: its designers and engineers continued to work on the next game changer.


2016: Fuel efficiency

Compared to the automobile industry, for instance, boat builders have made little progress on reducing fuel consumption over the last decade. Steeler Yachts therefore set itself the major challenge of reviving interest in planing motoryachts and making them more attractive. The challenge was simple and straightforward, and involved reducing both weight and resistance. This vision became reality with the introduction of the Steeler NG43 Offshore in 2015. Extraordinary test results were communicated to the world press: fuel consumption at a speed of 23 knots was measured at a mere 3.8 litres per nautical mile. Moreover, at lower speeds, fuel consumption was found to be between 30 and 40% below the industry standard. This model won Steeler Yachts another prestigious European Motorboat of the Year Award during the Flagship Night at Boot Düsseldorf.

2017: Comfort

In 2017, Steeler Yachts gave a major boost to the ease and comfort of on board living on its yachts. This was designed both to enhance convenience for older clients, allowing them to add many years of boating pleasure to their lives, and to satisfy a younger target audience, who have grown up in a plug-and-play era and expect that everything should be controlled at the simple push of a button. A good example of the new solutions is the patented FreeFender system that Steeler introduced on the Bronson 34 in 2016. This pushbutton fender is kept free from contact with the hull, which protects the gloss on the hull against fading and scratches. Implemented via highly efficient planning and dry sailing, this innovation resulted in yet another European Motorboat of the Year nomination for the Bronson 34.

2018: S-line with patented steep high-flared bow

In 2018 Steeler Yachts will introduce the aluminium S-line series with its patented new steep high-flared bow. This design will give a boost to all the qualities on which Steeler Yachts focuses: fuel consumption, spaciousness, comfort and seaworthiness.


Fuel consumption
The steep bow, with the spray rail placed well above the waterline, reduces the bow wake to virtually zero at all speeds. The significant decrease leads to a further reduction in fuel consumption, as well as to substantially less spray.

Space and comfort
The steep bow adds considerable additional space in the foreship. In the S-line range, this translates into comfortable indoor areas, especially for sleeping. The high position of the spray rail eliminates the usual noise of waves, eliminating a nuisance that commonly affects forward cabins.

The high flare of the bow protects against water flooding the foredeck in rough seas. The combination of a steep yet flared bow allows for a whole new level of safe, efficient and comfortable cruising.


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