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Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers

Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers

Transactions handled down to the smallest detail

The acquisition of your dream yacht is a momentous decision. To ensure everything goes smoothly it is sensible to seek the advice of a professional. Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers, a sworn and certified international brokerage which specialises in yachts from € 100.000, is an excellent choice.

During purchasing negotiations, Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers provides advice on the price, the hiring of experts for the technical inspection, researching the VAT status of a yacht and the verification of registration in the Shipping Register of the Dutch ‘Cadastre’, Land Registry and Mapping Agency. Selling a boat also requires comprehensive and clear information and documentation so that no misunderstandings arise: Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers checks this carefully and ensures the right equipment is onboard each yacht.

An international team

The sales team consists of Rik Sterkenburg, Stef Struijk and Celma Groeneveld, who between them have the full gamut of expertise and experience required to guarantee the most professional support. Clients come from all over the world and the team speaks English, German, French and Russian. Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers presents its yachts at Dutch and international watersports exhibitions, such as Boot Düsseldorf, in the most professional manner possible. And a fine collection of motoryachts for sale can always be viewed at the sales location in Drimmelen. The company prides itself on a tailored process that satisfies all parties – buyer, seller and broker. These are just some of the reasons to opt for Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers.



Being fully immersed in the market every day, Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers is well placed to evaluate the current market value of any yacht. A correct evaluation is vital to all partners as it is in no one’s interest that a boat be over-financed or undervalued.


Part of the purchasing amount can be in the form of a financing plan, often a yacht mortgage. The key concept in this is customisation – the financing plan must correspond to the wishes of the buyer. Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers also takes care of the compulsory registration of the boat mortgage with the Dutch ‘Cadastre’, Land Registry and Mapping Agency.


It is crucial that a yacht has a proper insurance. While the purchase of a new boat always brings risks, they can easily be counterbalanced by the right insurance. When choosing your policy it is important to look not only at the premiums but also at the conditions.

Insurance Berth and winter storage, servicing, maintenance and transport

Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers can offer all the activities and facilities you need after you’ve acquired your yacht in cooperation with reliable third parties.




Sterkenburg Yacht Brokers B.V.
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