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Super Van Craft

Super Van Craft

Preferred by gentlemen

Nautical Centre Nicolaas Witsen, situated in the fork of the North Holland Canal and the Omval-Kolhorn, became the new home to Super Van Craft in 2015. The prestigious brand offers elegant yachts that please the eye and exude class. Nicolaas Witsen cherishes the heritage of Super Van Craft by providing new and existing owners with superior quality and service.

Craftsmanship and tradition are the cornerstones of Super Van Craft.
All four models – the River, Convertible, Wheelhouse and Flybridge – are easily recognisable by their elegant flared stern and double fenders. With the exception of the Flybridge, which has yet to be built, nearly 650 of these models were delivered by the yard over the past 75 years.



Subtle strength

Every Super Van Craft is an icon and a statement of good taste. Powerful and subtle at the same time, the yachts offer a performance that matches the high quality of the design. These are true gentleman’s yachts that will please both the owner and spectators on the quay. With its timeless appearance, Super Van Craft represents an investment in quality which is safeguarded by Nicolaas Witsen together with the owner via a superior after-sales service. This makes Super Van Craft more than just a yacht: it is the ultimate bespoke quality experience.


Quality with character

The class presented by Super van Craft is featured in every detail; from material selection to finish. The many possibilities of the design enable the realisation of all individual owner requirements, and ensure that every Super Van Craft is unique. These yachts combine quality with character, as is proven by the condition of the older yachts of the brand. As dedicated representative of the quality and heritage of Super Van Craft, Nicolaas Witsen is the ideal partner for storage, maintenance and refits.





Super Van Craft
Kraspolderweg 4
NL-1821 BW Alkmaar
T: +31 72 5112297