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Timeless Yachts

Timeless Yachts

Contemporary bakdekkers

Timeless Yachts is renowned for its Timeless 34, a charming bakdekker (a type of vessel popular in pre-war period in Holland) adapted to contemporary needs. This model was designed by Amersfoort Maritiem, who took over the development and production of the Timeless 32 from the previous owner in 2016, and partnered with Jan Visser Yachtdesign to adapt the 32-foot frame and extend it by two feet. The result was a comfortable, practical boat with an optional double berth under the cockpit floor in addition to the one in the peak.

Dutch craftsmanship

Derived from a bakdekker design from 1928, the Timeless 34 has been updated for the modern era. Timeless Yachts builds its vessels according to the latest production methods in sustainable, high-quality materials and with the latest technologies.

More than just a day boat

The Timeless 34 combines a spacious open cockpit with ample accommodation. This makes it highly suitable for day trips, as well as for sailing holidays with two to four people.

Custom built

The Timeless 34 represents premium comfort and luxury. There are two standard layouts and the choice of materials can be completely determined by the client. The modern aluminium hull has a classic look and the adapted propulsion provide surprisingly high speeds. A hybrid variant will soon be offered with a slightly lower top speed and the advantage of silent sailing. The series will also be expanded with other sizes, such as an already-designed 28-footer.

Timeless Yachts is represented by Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland.

Timeless Yachts
Blokland 75
NL-3417 MP Montfoort
T: +31 6 53140897

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