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Founded in 1901, Webasto produces convertible, roof and body systems as well as heating, cooling and ventilation solutions. Based in more than 50 international locations, the group offers complete and integrated solutions to the marine sector.

Reliable marine refrigerators and freezers

Isotherm refrigerators and freezers are based upon careful research to ensure they can withstand violent movements and operate noiselessly while remaining thoroughly reliable and consuming an absolute minimum of battery power. The Isotherm series provide every conceivable refrigeration solution. The CRUISE Elegance Marine refrigerators line offers infinite design opportunities as the door panel and handle can be customized to customer requirements. The result is an exceptional combination of style and technology.

Air conditioning systems

Webasto offers a broad range of air conditioning systems. The BlueCool S-series consists of self-contained units for boats with up to three cabins. Whenever three or more independent spaces onboard a yacht need to be air-conditioned it is well worth considering Webasto central chiller systems. The new BlueCool V-series are state of the art variable speed chillers, that won an IBEX award. They are super silent, compact units with a large power modulation range from 8.500 till 77.000 BTU. All Webasto chillers are connected to the new Webasto A-Series air handlers that are available in three compact construction forms and various capacities. They feature an innovative instant condensate drain management system and the new MyTouch control element, that can be fully customized.

Marine water heaters

Isotemp water heaters are specifically designed for use on yachts, with high-quality components chosen to ensure the best product performance. The marine water heaters are very robust and well insulated so that warm water remains available at all times and in all conditions.

Sliding roofs and shading solutions

Webasto also offers uniquely customized roof and shading solutions for yachts, applying its 30 years of experience in advanced automotive roof systems. Webasto offers small series manufacturing at full series quality levels: Process-oriented assembly operations, from the pilot line through the design check to series production. A phased project approach and joint teams enable knowhow transfer to the client’s engineers.

This year Webasto has introduced a new product line next to its successful range of sliding roofs: shading solutions. This product range currently consists of a rolling and a folding shade system. The shading product range inherits the unique selling points of the sliding roofs: unmatched quality, attractive design and ease of installation.


Webasto and Oceanair have joined forces in the Benelux and Poland to offer innovative and stylish shading solutions for hatches, shaped windows, sunroofs and port lights. These solutions incorporate the experience gained by working closely with boat builders and designers. The products are fully marinised and can be completely customized in terms of size, shape, and fabric. A standardized range of products is also available through boat shops, offering an unbeatable price-quality ratio.






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