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Making the difference

In just a short period of time WhisperPower has made a name for itself as one of the most innovative companies in the field of smart energy systems for yachts and commercial vessels. From the outset, the company fully understood that things had to and could be done differently to guarantee an enjoyable stay on board.


In fulfilling this goal WhisperPower has not hung on to traditional technologies, often with old-fashioned diesel engines, but instead has embraced and delivered new technology that makes its systems quieter, cleaner and smarter. All this has been achieved without compromising on quality and reliability.

WhisperPower is fully focused on developing, composing and delivering systems that provide the perfect power supply on board. It offers the unique ability to integrate a compact and lightweight variable-speed generator, the Genverter©, or a classic 1500/1800 drive generator. With WhisperPower, customers can integrate all aspects to form a comprehensive solution so long as it contributes to the company’s clean, green and smart mission.

Advanced Power Systems
For larger yachts, WhisperPower generally advises a combination be made up of a hybrid generator with (lithium) batteries for the energy storage, a high power DC-AC inverter (7/14 kVA) and a Genverter© diesel generator as a ’super’ charger for the battery bank. It is this system that supplies silent power (zero emission) during generator ’off‘ periods. During periods of high energy consumption (for example, air conditioning ’on’ during the day), the classic 1500/1800 rpm generator kicks in.


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