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Yacht-Gallery – Serious Yachts

Yacht-Gallery – Serious Yachts

Builder of dreams

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” These famous words by Coco Chanel are the best way to describe Serious Yachts in just one sentence. They represent the core of the Dutch brand established in 2004 by the well-known yacht painter Derk Bonsink. As a keen water sports enthusiast, Derk discovered that no yard could deliver the design, quality and pure perfection he wanted – a compact yacht with the quality of a superyacht. He decided to remedy this, and a series of mini-superyachts was born.

Serious Yachts resolutely believes in the importance of design. The first step in realising the ultimate dream yacht is creating a perfect sketch, which is where the award-winning designer Arnold de Ruyter comes in. This expert in translating wishes into a sleek and elegant design has an incredible eye for quality and refinement. In close collaboration with the rest of the team, he ensures that Serious Yachts vessels have that aura of luxury that has made them famous over the years. The result is a beautiful custom-built vessel with the look and feel its clients have come to expect.

Choosing Serious Yachts means opting for a 100% Dutch quality yacht. All boats are built at the Zwartsluis yard by in-house professionals. The surrounding lakes and rivers are a major source of inspiration, and are thoroughly reflected in the final result: reliable and sturdy yachts that combine the practical robustness of a true Dutchman with the enchanting beauty of a water queen.

Gently and Brightly

The models that have been realised so far are divided into two different ranges: Gently and Brightly. The Gently is elegant, classy and timeless, with many authentic details, while the Brightly can be described as dynamic, powerful and luxurious. The brand-new Brightly 1530 is the ultimate example of Serious Yachts’ ability to build a mini-superyacht to stand the test of time.

Build your own

Of course, the yard is not beholden to the Gently and Brightly lines, and knows that yacht owners often have their own notions about what needs to go into a perfect yacht. Length, interior, finishing, sailing qualities: Serious Yachts can make everything exactly as pictured. The people at Serious Yachts understand this, and have the capacity to build custom boats that meet every single one of the client’s specifications. After all, what could be better than owning a completely unique yacht? Serious Yachts offers you the ultimate opportunity to realise your dream.



Serious Yachts

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