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Quality Boats Holland Guide - Online version

Move your Dutch built boat to your preferred cruising ground

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After taking possession of your new yacht, the next step is to convey it to your preferred cruising area. You can organise this yourself or ask the seller for assistance. Sometimes delivery is included in the purchase price as a final step that the seller has to complete in advance of the handover. Several options are available.

How about first exploring the lovely Dutch sailing areas?

OK, we’re Dutch so we would say this, but you really should consider spending time on your new yacht in Holland before transporting it elsewhere. Not only will you enjoy some wonderful sailing areas… It’s also smart to get to know your new yacht with the shipyard and all technical services close at hand. Ottenhome Heeg offers the opportunity to charter a boat before buying. The varied waterways and excellent watersport facilities in the Netherlands make cruising a real pleasure. Once the time comes to send your yacht abroad, various options for transportation are available. It pays to always consult with the shipyard/broker as they often do business internationally and scores of yachts built or purchased in the Netherlands are taken to other cruising grounds each year.

Transport by road

For boats up to about 15 metres long and four metres beam, an excellent, fast and cost-effective way to get your yacht to a cruising area is by road. In just two days travelling time, for instance, your yacht can be in the water of the Mediterranean Sea or in Russia. In the Netherlands, several carriers own fleets of specially prepared deep loading trucks plus accompanying support cars for additional guidance. Scores of these vehicles head off each day with boat transports to southern European countries, Scandinavia and Russia.

Yacht transport on its own keel

Another possibility is that you sail the yacht from one of the many seaports in the Netherlands, with or without a specialised crew. If you do require the latter there are hundreds of freelance captains and crew members available with the required licenses and thousands of miles of yacht delivery experience.

Yacht transport as deck load on
a special yacht carrier vessel

Other transport companies offer shipping services on their special cargo carriers. They will carefully load your yacht in one of the Dutch main ports and deliver her to any destination worldwide.

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